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Welcome to the Nevada Boys' State online legislature. This site is used to submit, amended and track all legislation for the Nevada Boys State program. Prior to the start of the program, please review the guide and write a bill. Each of the above navigation links is described below:
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Current Legislation

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Num. Committee Status Author City Committee Summary SCC
AB096Awaiting Hearing, Committee 4To require that contracted waste removal companies provide as many recycling bins as requested by residents and businesses at no additional cost to the individual or business who maintains current trash collection
Senate000Awaiting Hearing, Committee 1
SB884Failed Balasky, AlexanderAndersonCommittee 6To allow the governor to appoint the state controller and state treasurer 
AB026FailedArnold, AdamLas CraigasCommittee 2An ACT to ban prostitution from all counties in Nevada.
SB028FailedAssefa, YednkachewOsgoodCommittee 8Drivers will be required to "wear" indicators if they have a bad driving history.
SB029FailedAssefa, YednkachewOsgoodCommittee 8The requirement of good attendance for under 18 citizens interested in attaining their driving license. 
SB030FailedAssefa, YednkachewOsgoodCommittee 4To reestablish Yucca Mountain as a permanent nuclear waste site
SB021Passed as AmendedBake, OwenJaytownCommittee 8AN ACT To enable a person 20 years of age and older to legally purchase and consume alcohol. 
AB881Passed as IntroducedBalasky, AlexanderAndersonCommittee 6Funds will be allocated for the establishment of public defender's offices in all rural counties of Nevada where flat-rate contracting is currently used
SB878Passed as IntroducedBalasky, AlexanderAndersonCommittee 6The practice of civil asset forfeiture by all branches of law enforcement will be outlawed. 
SB882Passed as IntroducedBalasky, AlexanderAndersonCommittee 6Restrictions on service sector license to work laws will be removed to encourage employment in the state of Nevada
AB754Passed as IntroducedBalasky , AlexanderAndersonCommittee 6To eliminate the use of mandatory minimum punishments for drug offenses. 
AB070FailedBanuelos, AlejandroOsgoodCommittee 7Require state guidelines for the maintenance and regulation of dietary health supplements.
SB005Passed as AmendedBeers, MateoHowardCommittee 4Polystyrene Foam Ban in the Food Industry  
SB018FailedBerggren, ChrisOsgoodCommittee 7AN ACT that enacts a Single Payer Health Care system in the state of Nevada.
AB890Passed as IntroducedBerggren, Chris OsgoodCommittee 7To reduce the cost of a statewide health care system in the state of Nevada.
AB901Awaiting HearingBerggren, ChrisOsgoodCommittee 5A tax to increase the amount of Nevada's emergency fund for the use of an emergency.
AB087FailedBishop, MichaelMartieCommittee 7AN ACT: Considering the lack of funding going to our cps systems, and the long process that a kid must endure to be in a stable home; Police officers, after the year of 2018, must be qualified to handle all affairs. moreover CPS will be added as a branch or a section of all police departments 
AB069FailedBoorboor, ArshiaHowardCommittee 5To increase government spending for police forces and increase in police activity and deployment in tourist attractions.
AB003FailedCahill, NoahOsgoodCommittee 6An Amendment to convene a Convention of States
AB004Awaiting HearingCahill, NoahOsgoodCommittee 1An Act denying resources to Sanctuary Cities
AB005Awaiting HearingCahill, NoahOsgoodCommittee 5Eliminating Public Pension
AB006Awaiting HearingCahill, NoahOsgoodCommittee 1For the Right to Work
AB007Awaiting HearingCahill, NoahOsgoodCommittee 7For Free Market Healthcare
SB116Passed as IntroducedCalderon, VictorLas CraigasCommittee 7To prohibit vaping and the use of e-cigarettes in all indoor places where smoking is prohibited, including bars and restaurants
SB117FailedCalderon, VictorLas CraigasCommittee 7Establishing an independent commission for the purposes of redistricting 
SB003Passed as IntroducedCalet Castellanos, KevinJaytownCommittee 3AN ACT amending the qualifications for an elector of school boards&
SB007FailedCalet Castellanos, Kevin JaytownCommittee 6AN ACT restoring political franchise to former felons
SB008Passed as AmendedCalet Castellanos, KevinJaytownCommittee 1regulating gun purchases, closing the legal loophole on online and gun show firearm sales
SB118Awaiting HearingCalet Castellanos, KevinJaytownCommittee 6repealing the death penalty.
SB049Awaiting HearingCassidy, ColinJaytownCommittee 5Provisions will be set to reduce the cost for registering vehicles that are Hybrid or fully Electric
SB050FailedCassidy, Colin JaytownCommittee 4provide charging stations for all fully electric cars at businesses that employ over 200 employees.
AB752Passed as IntroducedCassidy, ColinJaytownCommittee 4The establishment of charging stations for fully electric cars at all gas stations within city limits.
SB105Awaiting HearingCastellanos, KevinJaytownCommittee 6ensuring all of Nevada’s electoral votes go to the national popular vote winner in presidential elections.
AB065Passed as IntroducedCatarata, Kyle JaytownCommittee 7An Act that demands Housing First for the homeless population
SB119Awaiting HearingCatarata, Kyle JaytownCommittee 4Requires Nevada to sign the Paris Agreement Accord
AB023FailedCenname, TylerAndersonCommittee 8An ACT to establish a hotline for Nevada suicidal youth
SB135Passed as IntroducedCenname, TylerAndersonCommittee 8An ACT to ban abortion once the baby has a heartbeat
SB157FailedCenname, TylerAndersonCommittee 7An ACT to relocate Planned Parenthood Funds from the state to the community women's health centers approved by the US Department of Health and Human Services 
SB120FailedChavarria, JavierMartieCommittee 3Allowing the Nevada Department of Education to create “Pilot Projects” concerning the Grade Based Education System and to slowly move away from Grade based to Competency Based Education through either the removal or adjustments to combat delinquency, failing test scores, and low graduation rates of Ne
SB104Passed as IntroducedChavarria, JavierMartieCommittee 3Allow the Nevada Department of Education to distribute a sizable increase of “new technology” to schools and to attempt pilot projects in the school districts concerning video games in education in an effort to increase success and enthusiasm in education in Nevada through subsidies, budget increases,
SB136Passed as AmendedChavarria, JavierMartieCommittee 7Allowing the Department of Health and Human Services in Nevada to establish 4 pilot “injection sites” in Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City, and Elko City through either readjustment of funds from the State Budget or nominal increases from 3 to 5 percent allocated towards Health and Human Services.&a
SB098Passed as AmendedChavez, DiegoMartieCommittee 5Placing carbon tax on carbon dioxide emissions in the state of Nevada that will reduce the production of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
SB062FailedCheng, AaronMartieCommittee 7The legal drinking age in Nevadawill be lowered from the age of 21 to 18 years of age. 
SB078Awaiting HearingCho, AustinJaytownCommittee 1All high school students are subject to a monthly drug test during the school year
SB100Passed as AmendedCianci, AlecAndersonCommittee 5Property owners of Clark county should be offered a permanent percentage discount to individual tickets and seasonal tickets to any events held at new arenas or stadiums built to house professional sports teams or special evens such as concerts when public property taxes are used as a source of funding for these venues.
SB140Awaiting HearingCianci , AlecAndersonCommittee 4Deforestation should be illegal IF the company that cuts them down won't replant.
AB018Awaiting HearingClary, AdamJaytownCommittee 4The state of Nevada will reduce the amount of green house emissions and increase the state's reliance on renewable sources
SB042Awaiting HearingCoppola, LouisHowardCommittee 1Private and public universities will be given up to $50,000,000,000 to distribute among impoverished yet academically thriving students with other talents.
SB044Passed as IntroducedCruz, AlanMartieCommittee 1To adopt a comprehensive sex education curriculum in Nevada.
SB122Awaiting HearingCruz, AlanMartieCommittee 2An act implementing a more diverse ethnic study curriculum in schools across Nevada. 
SB087TabledDagar, Abhinav OsgoodCommittee 3to remove the requirement of standardized testing in order to successfully graduate.
SB121Awaiting HearingDaoudi, YamaaLas CraigasCommittee 2To start all public high schools at 9:00a.m.
AB058Awaiting HearingDuff, Matthew PartherLas CraigasCommittee 3College Credit will be awarded to students who earn The Eagle Scout Award.
AB042Awaiting HearingFeldman, MaxwellOsgoodCommittee 6A complete ban of for profit prisons
AB045FailedFeldman, MaxwellOsgoodCommittee 7To ban solitary confinement in all Nevada Prisons 
AB071Passed as IntroducedFeldman, MaxwellOsgoodCommittee 1Guaranteed rights for victims of sexual assault in post-elementary education 
AB072TabledFeldman, MaxwellOsgoodCommittee 2Education benefits for title 32 Nevada National Guardsmen and Nevada residence who have completed military service before September 10th 2001
AB066Awaiting HearingFeldman, MaxwellOsgoodCommittee 7To address trauma in students 
AB067Awaiting HearingFeldman, MaxwellOsgoodCommittee 6To create a state agency responsible for monitoring police departments 
AB064Passed as AmendedFreeth, GarrettOsgoodCommittee 7The Initiation of Sports that are Suited to Special Needs Students in High Schools
SB123Passed as AmendedFreeth, GarrettOsgoodCommittee 8More accessible transportation routes through Jaytown, Anderson, Martie, Las Craigas, Howard, and Osgood will ensure workers' abilities to commute to and from their point of work.
SB669Passed as IntroducedFreeth, GarrettOsgoodCommittee 2Development and construction of Casino and Attraction Infrastructure within Nevada's cities of Reno and Carson City in order to grow the state financially as well as in terms of residing population.
AB601Passed as IntroducedFreeth, GarrettOsgoodCommittee 2'Room Tax' is deemed unnecessary and, in some forms, illegal when dealing with processes of taxation; therefore, the removal of the policy must be acted upon in the state of Nevada.
AB059Passed as AmendedFuenets, RobertAndersonCommittee 7Legalize the use of physician-assisted suicide
SB156Awaiting HearingFuentes, RobertAndersonCommittee 4To establish a nuclear waste site in Nevada as an alternative to Yucca Mountain
SB002Passed as AmendedGarcia, BrandonHowardCommittee 5AN ACT to tax state Marijuana sales
SB055Awaiting HearingGarcia-Santillan, Yovani JaytownCommittee 4To ban the use of fossil fuels and establish the use of alternative energy sources.
SB162Passed as IntroducedGarner, SeanLas CraigasCommittee 2The removal of the affirmative action law in higher education, and private corporations.
AB073FailedGillett, PaulLas CraigasCommittee 8AN ACT to provide monetary aid to schools wishing to purchase electric car charging stations so as to provide incentive to aid the growing green car industry among students.
SB155Passed as IntroducedGillett, PaulLas CraigasCommittee 6An Act to lighten the mood.
AB154Passed as AmendedGillett, PaulLas CraigasCommittee 4To allow public use of public land, within reason.
SB876Awaiting HearingGillett, PaulLas CraigasCommittee 4To sell state-owned land to the private sector.
SB877Awaiting HearingGillett, PaulLas CraigasCommittee 6To establish English as the official language of the State of Nevada.
AB019Awaiting HearingGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 6An Act to Prohibit Nevadan Government Officials from Interfering in their Investigation
SB165Passed as IntroducedGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 5An ACT to Tax Robotic Workers
AB021Awaiting HearingGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 6An Act to Adopt the Automatic Voter Registration System
AB022Awaiting HearingGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 2An ACT to Shift More Focus on the LGBT Community
AB025Passed as IntroducedGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 2An Act to Lower the Legal Gambling Age in Las Vegas to 18 Years
SB009FailedGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 7An ACT to Conserve and Utilize Potential Food Waste
SB010Passed as AmendedGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 5An ACT to Increase the Tax Rate of Tobacco Products&a
SB011Passed as IntroducedGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 3An ACT to Require Education on Preventative Measures during a Sexual Education Course.
SB012Passed as AmendedGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 5An ACT to Increase the Legal Smoking Age to 21 Years
SB035Awaiting HearingGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 4to Decrease Teen Racism
AB034Awaiting HearingGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 4Increase the Base Pay of Teachers.
AB057FailedGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 8Justice in Pharmaceutical Pricing
AB041Passed as AmendedGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 5End the Nevada Tampon Tax
AB043Passed as AmendedGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 5Require Childhood Immunizations
AB044Awaiting HearingGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 2Include Mental Health Programs in Schools
AB046Awaiting HearingGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 3Create a "Life After Education" Core Class for Public Schools  
AB047Awaiting HearingGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 2School Gender Identity Equality
AB048Awaiting HearingGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 7To Provide Better and More Training to Police
AB049FailedGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 5To Tax Electronic Cigarette Fluid
SB057Awaiting HearingGoldman, JonahHowardCommittee 7To Decrease the Legal Medicare Age
AB002Awaiting HearingGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 7To enable individuals to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.
SB124Awaiting HearingGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 5To enable the Mayor to give privledgr to individuals to instigate a floor is lava micro-crisis
SB125Awaiting HearingGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 5On the issue of door-slamming and its psychological effect on individuals of the state
SB126Awaiting HearingGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 6On the naming of positions within the state.
SB127Passed as AmendedGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 1Regarding fashion
SB129Awaiting HearingGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 2Regarding 4:20
SB128Awaiting HearingGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 4Regarding annoying catchphrases
SB142Awaiting HearingGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 4Regarding natural resources of the state of Nevada
SB143Awaiting HearingGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 4Regarding endangered species
SB144Awaiting HearingGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 4Regarding endangered species
SB889Awaiting HearingGoldsmith, TrevorLas CraigasCommittee 5Regarding the closing ceremonies of Nevada Boys State
AB089FailedGong, BrianJaytownCommittee 8Changes will be made to add reliable public transportation and enhance the safety of all people that commute on the roadways.
SB107Awaiting HearingGraves, TaezhanOsgoodCommittee 2Prayer in School
AB062Passed as AmendedGrema, PeterOsgoodCommittee 5The State of Nevada will offer a Film Production Tax Credit of up to 25% for all principal photography and post-production services rendered within the State. An additional 5% in tax credits will be offered if Nevada crews and companies are hired for the development of the project.
AB063FailedGrema, PeterOsgoodCommittee 8The Nevada Taxicab Authority will be merged with the greater Nevada Transportation Authority.
SB141FailedGrema, PeterOsgoodCommittee 5A sales-tax will be placed on retail centers and multi-national companies operating within the State of Nevada.
SB154Passed as AmendedGutterman, TimothyJaytownCommittee 4To encourage recycling in low-income families of four.
AB084Awaiting HearingGutterman, TimothyJaytownCommittee 7AN ACT Requiring calming music to be played in crime-heavy neighborhoods.
SB158Passed as AmendedGutterman, TimothyJaytownCommittee 7To raise the excise tax rate on recreational marijuana.
SB159Awaiting HearingGutterman, TimothyJaytownCommittee 4To set a goal of reducing carbon emissions.
SB130Awaiting HearingHarris, JeremiahAndersonCommittee 5All current Nevada state taxes shall be abolished in favor of a universal income tax.
SB075Passed as AmendedHarris, JeremiahAndersonCommittee 8All intersections are required to be protected by yield or stop signs on all sides but one.
AB151Awaiting HearingHarris, JeremiahAndersonCommittee 5A one percent (1%) sales tax will be applied to all goods for the continued upkeep and construction of Nevada roads.
SB101Passed as AmendedHenawi, WagihOsgoodCommittee 3High school teachers should be held at a higher standard.
SB027Awaiting HearingHernandez, Martin OsgoodCommittee 4To update the rules and regulations  for hunting in the state of Nevada
AB106FailedHosny, RamiAndersonCommittee 8Reduces the requirement of 6 months of driving experience to 3 months (and 25 hours) for minors with instruction permits.
AB068Passed as AmendedHuang, RyanJaytownCommittee 8Lane splitting be permitted by motorcycles or mopeds.
SB879Awaiting HearingHuang, RyanJaytownCommittee 1To require background checks and mental health assessments while purchasing a handgun.
SB106Awaiting HearingJackson, D'VonyeAndersonCommittee 3A limit that sets the maximum depreciation of a school's budget to maintain the longevity and sustain higher learning.
AB150Awaiting HearingJackson, D'VonyeAndersonCommittee 4To enforce Nevada Power to use natural power.
SB891Awaiting HearingJackson, D'VonyeAndersonCommittee 4To enforce Nevada Power to use natural power.
SB892Awaiting HearingJackson, D'VonyeAndersonCommittee 5Help industries pay higher minimum wage
SB895Awaiting HearingJackson, D'VonyeAndersonCommittee 6Open up public lands to oil drilling.
AB753Passed as IntroducedJackson, D'VonyeAndersonCommittee 6A bill to reduce licensing fees for all major businesses.
AB036Awaiting HearingJacobsen, RobertHowardCommittee 3to abolish Common Core Standards in the state of Nevada
SB058Awaiting HearingJarley, TylerAndersonCommittee 1An act allowing employees of all professions to discuss their wages.
SB131Awaiting HearingJarley, TylerAndersonCommittee 2Calling for required teaching of foreign language in all levels of public school in state of Nevada.
SB132Awaiting HearingJarley, TylerAndersonCommittee 8Calling for the extension of the Las Vegas monorail system to McCarron International Airport.
SB133FailedJarley, TylerAndersonCommittee 8Calling for the extension of the Las Vegas monorail system to McCarran International Airport.
SB115Awaiting HearingJudkins, KevinOsgoodCommittee 6An act removing Nevada requirements for Concealed Carry permits
AB356Awaiting HearingJudkins, KevinOsgoodCommittee 6Legalizes the firing squad as a method of execution in the Nevada prison system
SB192Awaiting HearingJudkins, KevinOsgoodCommittee 6Requires the Nevada State Government to maintain a balanced budget
SB904Passed as IntroducedJudkins, KevinOsgoodCommittee 6An ACT Removing all state level taxes in the State of Nevada
SB153Awaiting HearingJudkins, KevinOsgoodCommittee 6An act preventing the Government of the State of Nevada from enforcing any regulations infringing upon the Constitutionally mandated firearm rights of citizens who have not been convicted of a felony
SB134Awaiting HearingKassa, EyobelJaytownCommittee 2Implementation of the
AB140Awaiting HearingKassa, EyobelJaytownCommittee 4Training the teachers of Freshman Studies classes in CCSD high schools
SB886Awaiting HearingKassa, EyobelJaytownCommittee 2Encourage schools within the State of Nevada to implement higher and more challenging education. 
AB032FailedKeene, PatrickLas CraigasCommittee 5To fund public schools using the proposed hotel tax currently funding the building of the Las Vegas NFL Stadium
SB064Awaiting HearingKeene, PatrickLas CraigasCommittee 5To fund the development of new schools to decrease school overpopulation
SB020Awaiting HearingKelliher, Harold AndersonCommittee 6An ACT of all tax of Medical Marijuana should go to all public schools 
SB066Awaiting HearingKelliher, HaroldAndersonCommittee 5To mandate all tax purchases on Recreational/Medical Marijuana must 50% go to the public schools of Nevada
AB153Awaiting HearingKelliher, HaroldAndersonCommittee 2To mandate all tax purchases on Recreational/Medical Marijuana must 50% go to the public schools of Nevada
SB876Passed as AmendedKitttusamy, ShivaLas CraigasCommittee 2Bettering the quality of public school food
AB135Passed as IntroducedKittusamy, ShivaLas CraigasCommittee 2To stimulate more technological innovation 
SB894Awaiting HearingKittusamy, ShivaLas CraigasCommittee 2To fund for more Water Filtration Systems
AB056Awaiting HearingKrider, Reese JaytownCommittee 2Relating to public school teachers and public school supplies; increasing the funds allocated to education in order to provide higher salaries for teachers and updated learning materials for students.
SB041Passed as IntroducedKrider, Reese JaytownCommittee 4Relating to electric cars; always having an electric car charging space accessible to electric car owners around the city
AB115Passed as AmendedLanier, BradyLas CraigasCommittee 6To declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization 
SB103Passed as IntroducedLeeming, Connor Las CraigasCommittee 3 Implement a Vocational Training System 
AB082Passed as IntroducedLees , Deylin AndersonCommittee 2to extend the regular school day to allow for more student involvement and improve performance during the school day. 
AB896Awaiting HearingLees , DeylinAndersonCommittee 2To establish a requirement for a yoga class in order to graduate High School. 
SB881Awaiting HearingLees , DeylinAndersonCommittee 2To begin state funding through grants to allow for graduate students to begin their own startup business.  
AB016Awaiting HearingLegott, SamMartieCommittee 5An act that enacts a state income tax. 
SB015Awaiting HearingLegowski IV, NelsonHowardCommittee 3AN ACT to reinstate technical classes and provide more school funding to accommodate for such classes
SB896Awaiting HearingLegowski IV, NelsonHowardCommittee 3To provide a larger budget for schools to help teachers and supplies
SB901Awaiting HearingLegowski IV, NelsonHowardCommittee 3To stop forcing teachers to produce certain results from students
SB014FailedMalchov, IvoLas CraigasCommittee 8A bill in order to lift the restriction on tinted glass on all vehicles in the state of NV.
SB034Passed as AmendedManabat, Marcus HowardCommittee 2Increasing the Tax Rate on Alcoholic Beverages 
SB060TabledMarcial-Lorza, GenaroMartieCommittee 3Prohibit the Education Savings Account vouchers to deduct directly from the school budget. 
SB310FailedMarks, Sean`Las CraigasCommittee 8To create stricter driving regulations for minors/inexperienced drivers
SB033FailedMasson, SamuelOsgoodCommittee 1A bill on honoring the Recruiting and Employing Military Vets.
AB900FailedMasson, SamuelOsgoodCommittee 8A requirement that cause highway police men to pull over trucks with 3 or more vehicles behind them. This will help the flow of traffic throught all towns with two or more lanes.
SB072Awaiting HearingMcDonald, ConnorAndersonCommittee 5To increase the monthly percentage fee imposed on gross gaming revenue, in order to finance new infrastructure.
AB134FailedMcDonald, ConnorAndersonCommittee 8To over time add more roundabouts to the state.
AB015Awaiting HearingMcIntosh, RyanOsgoodCommittee 4All sports equipment must be certified and maintained to manufacturers specifications for youth sports organizations. 
AB898Awaiting HearingMcIntosh, Ryan OsgoodCommittee 5Tax for emergency funding due to crisis designated by the governor. 
SB887Awaiting HearingMcIntosh, RyanOsgoodCommittee 7To create temporary homes and rehabilitation centers for the Homeless population in Nevada.
SB888Awaiting HearingMcIntosh, RyanOsgoodCommittee 5To rebuild city infrastructure within the cities of Nevada.
SB016Awaiting HearingMcRae, JordanMartieCommittee 2An act allowing all schools to become more equal in all way,shapes and forms.
SB023Tabledmcrae, JordanMartieCommittee 6An Act allowing all wrongfully convicted felons to survive again.
SB024Awaiting HearingMcRae, JordanMartieCommittee 4An Act ending the Federally Imposed drinking age
SB025Awaiting HearingMcRae, JordanMartieCommittee 7An Act removing birth control pills to be sold over the counter.
SB026Awaiting HearingMcRae, JordanMartieCommittee 6An Act allowing voting to be a week long. 
SB110Awaiting HearingMeono , Ryan AndersonCommittee 3Shorten school hours each day 5 days a week.
AB825Passed as IntroducedMeono , Ryan AndersonCommittee 3To help children with mental or physical  illnesses in schools to achieve the maximum challenges for the ill.
AB093Awaiting HearingMinkoff, MarkMartieCommittee 1Advertised costs for phone charges must include fees and taxes. 
AB094Awaiting HearingMinkoff, Mark MartieCommittee 2To include all fees in advertised room rates.
AB024Passed as AmendedMoran, MilesMartieCommittee 5To tax cigarettes and contained alcohol for the purpose of public health and safety
AB055Passed as AmendedMullins, DanielHowardCommittee 3Determine if increases to the education budget will result in an improvement in standardized test scores.
SB048Awaiting HearingMumm, JeshuaAndersonCommittee 4Bill permitting people with legal firearms and have a concealed carry license to keep their firearm in their vehicle in the parking lot of a gun-free zone.
AB038Awaiting HearingMunn, AlexanderLas CraigasCommittee 5Increase tax on every twenty cigarettes from $0.80 to $1.80 with all tax money going towards the renovations of public schools and education programs within them.
SB052FailedMunn, AlexanderLas CraigasCommittee 8All Nevada state residents in possession of a valid Class C Nevada state driver's license shall take a required drivers written exam once every five years and a drivers test once every ten years.
SB071FailedMurphy, KeeganHowardCommittee 3 This Bill will enhance Nevada's Education System by increasing the spending that would benefit future and current teachers.
SB161Passed as Introducedn/a, Nevada Boys' Staten/aCommittee 6Recognizing the American Legion as champions of democracy 
AB757Passed as Amendedn/a, n/an/aCommittee 6Open up public lands to oil drilling.
AB132Awaiting HearingNanda, PranitJaytownCommittee 5To tax casino lodging in the state of Nevada.
SB032Passed as AmendedNanda, PranitJaytownCommittee 4establishing a carbon tax in the state of Nevada
SB059Awaiting HearingNELSON, BRANDONAndersonCommittee 2To authorize any watercraft vehicle, you must take a 8 hour course at local DMV to get a boating license.  
AB145Passed as IntroducedNgov, SeanOsgoodCommittee 2Decriminalize the sale of sex from licensed brothels as well as decriminalize the purchase of sex from licensed brothels in all counties of Nevada.
SB109TabledNgov, SeanOsgoodCommittee 2Decriminalize the sale of sex as well as decriminalize the purchase of sex from consensual adults in Clark County
SB054Awaiting HearingNicora, LukeJaytownCommittee 5To enact funding for a nuclear power plant program.
SB038FailedNicora, LukeJaytownCommittee 3Teachers whose students score high on standardized test get a paid bonus.
SB818Passed as IntroducedNicora, LukeJaytownCommittee 3To increase body awareness in the classroom
SB898Awaiting HearingNicora, LukeJaytownCommittee 5A bill to propose the tradition of getting one to honk their horn when passing by.
SB899Awaiting HearingNicora, LukeJaytownCommittee 8A bill to propose the tradition of getting one to honk their horn when passing by.
SB063Passed as IntroducedNielson, StewartHowardCommittee 3To increase Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) funding in public schools
SB137FailedOh, Junghun ChrisAndersonCommittee 7AN ACT An Amendment for the government to regulate and tax robot made goods.
SB752FailedOrdanez, MiguelMartieCommittee 3The University of Nevada, Reno will officially be recognized as a "sanctuary campus." This movement will in turn protect current and incoming UNR students who are under illegal immigrant status in the United States of America. 
AB229Passed as AmendedOrdanez, MiguelMartieCommittee 4A tax will be in place for every additional 95 gallon (regular, Republic Services sponsored, waste can) trash can, excluding buildings that house more than 10 individuals. This will in turn lead consumers to accept a more environmentally friendly approach to waste. 
AB029Awaiting HearingPaczkowski, EthanMartieCommittee 1
AB030Awaiting HearingPaczkowski, Ethan MartieCommittee 2Raising the gasoline tax from $0.24 /gal to $0.32/gal to fund public transit expansion in major cities and infrastructure improvements statewide.
AB031Awaiting HearingPaczkowski, EthanMartieCommittee 1
SB031Passed as AmendedPaczkowski, Ethan MartieCommittee 6To declare all election days, be they local, state, or national, holidays to increase voter turnout.
AB152Passed as IntroducedPaczkowski, EthanMartieCommittee 1To guarantee workers extended paid time off for family, medical, and personal reasons.
AB800Passed as IntroducedPaczkowski, EthanMartieCommittee 1To repeal the Right to Work status of Nevada.
AB155Awaiting HearingPaniagua, FavianAndersonCommittee 1to prohibit the act of "tip-pooling" by employers and companies.
SB102Awaiting HearingPaniagua, FavianAndersonCommittee 1To return Nevada to the use of "standard time" and formally move away from the implementation of daylight savings.
SB893Passed as AmendedPaniagua, FavianAndersonCommittee 1To put in place laws to protect the seller of a product from in certain conditions when the manufacturer is at fault of any issues with the product
SB903FailedPasimio, MichaelHowardCommittee 6Amending penalties for marijuana crimes for those under 21
AB085Passed as AmendedPasimio, MichaelHowardCommittee 8AN ACT prohibiting autonomous vehicles being operated without the physical presence of an operator.
AB086Awaiting HearingPasimio, MichaelHowardCommittee 6Reducing the penalties for drug related crimes.
AB037Awaiting HearingPenalber, Philipp JaytownCommittee 3Have top colleges who have low entrance rates require students to see their personal counselors
AB080Awaiting HearingPerez, MarcLas CraigasCommittee 7To prevent criminal charges against physicians that prescribe medicine to honor terminally ill, mentally competent patients requests to hasten their deaths. 
AB899FailedPeter, GremaOsgoodCommittee 5Funding for new health and wellness recreational centers for all Nevada citizens across all six Nevada cities.
AB010Awaiting HearingPlimpton, BenjaminAndersonCommittee 3That the State Department of Education is directed to conduct the student count for purposes of the Distributed Student Allowance ("DSA") once a year, (like the old Nevada Plan), instead of four times a year.  The purpose of this is to allow school districts more time to plan their budgets without
AB011FailedPlimpton, ScottMartieCommittee 7The purpose of the bill is to provide EMS services throughout the State of Nevada, specifically in the rural counties where they do not have the population or tax base to provide these services without adversely effecting the budgets of the rural counties.  For example with in Pershing County there is over 100 mile<
SB108FailedRahman, SyedAndersonCommittee 6To ban for-profit prisons, and immoral cost-cutting practices in prisons in the state of Nevada.
AB156Awaiting HearingRahman, NishiAndersonCommittee 6To prohibit individuals on the No-Fly List from obtaining firearms.
AB157Passed as IntroducedRahman, NishiAndersonCommittee 6To replace our caucus election system with primaries.
AB158Awaiting HearingRahman, Nishi AndersonCommittee 6To proportionally distribute Nevada's electoral votes in the Presidential election.
SB145Awaiting HearingRahman, NishiAndersonCommittee 6To declare all election days state holidays, in order to provide full voting opportunities to working people.
SB146Awaiting HearingRahman, NishiAndersonCommittee 7To provide access to rehabilitation to heroin abusers, and access to clean needles without risk of infections. 
AB756Passed as IntroducedRahman, NishiAndersonCommittee 6To repair state freeways and local roads.
SB885Awaiting HearingRahman, NishiAndersonCommittee 6To open up federal land in Nevada for public auction and sale.
AB755Passed as AmendedRahman, Nishi AndersonCommittee 6To provide better public school lunches.
SB085Awaiting HearingRavi, AbhishekAndersonCommittee 1
SB097Passed as IntroducedRavi, AbhishekAndersonCommittee 8To fund the creation of mental health care institutions through taxing marijuana sales and electronic cigarette fluids.
AB144Passed as AmendedRawhouser, ConradLas CraigasCommittee 4Repurpose Nevada's nuclear test site as a nuclear containment facility.
AB033Awaiting HearingRawhouser, ConradLas CraigasCommittee 41 A bill to declassify suppressors from the NFA as class 3 weapons. Declassifying suppressors would lessen the 2 noise pollution from gun ranges, decreased loss of hearing, and less disturbance in the wilderness whilst 3hunting. F
SB051Passed as AmendedRawhouser, ConradLas CraigasCommittee 4Bill suspending taxes on Primary producers (farmers) in Nevada.  &
AB074Awaiting HearingRawhouser, ConradLas CraigasCommittee 4Bill introducing a bounty on Coyotes.
AB891Passed as AmendedRawhouser, Conrad Las CraigasCommittee 1Nevada will prioritize hearing protection over federal restrictions on suppressors.
AB751Passed as AmendedRawhouser, ConradLas CraigasCommittee 4The state of Nevada will no longer be fining citizens for the destruction of pigeons, scorpions, and carp.
AB897Awaiting HearingReed, Randall OsgoodCommittee 5Increase taxes based on gross income of the casino.
AB088FailedReed, RandallOsgoodCommittee 3To raise the salary of public teachers and administrators by 5% every 3 years of work, with a capacity of 15 years. 
AB060Awaiting HearingRevers, LouisLas CraigasCommittee 7To limit the consumption of recreational marijuana in households with children.
AB040Passed as AmendedRivera, ChristianMartieCommittee 2An Act to provide an increase in funding for Nevada's infrastructure for the next 10 years.
SB046Awaiting HearingRivera, ChristianMartieCommittee 2A bill to increase funding for Nevada's infrastructure for 10 years.
SB900FailedRivera, ChristianMartieCommittee 2To renovate our local park to have the capability to provide wind, solar, and hydro energy.
SB070FailedRivers, CalebAndersonCommittee 8Driving at a younger age should be accepted, for all types of reasoning. 
SB138Awaiting HearingRivers, CalebAndersonCommittee 5The taxs collected from tourism should be used to boost Nevada's education. 
AB133Awaiting HearingRivers, CalebAndersonCommittee 3Allowing education to be completed faster and cheaper than the traditional education system. 
SB152Awaiting HearingRivers, CalebAndersonCommittee 4Construction companies should be given incentives for their limited use of equipment that produces excess carbon monoxide emissions. 
AB039Awaiting HearingRogge, MichaelHowardCommittee 4Parents will be held accountable for the action of their kids for not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.
AB892Awaiting HearingRogge, MichaelHowardCommittee 6AN ACT  Parents will be held accountable for the action of their kids for not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.
AB095Awaiting HearingRosenbaum, JacobLas CraigasCommittee 3
AB097Awaiting HearingRosenbaum, JacobLas CraigasCommittee 4To require that contracted waste removal companies provide as many recycling bins
AB098Awaiting HearingRosenbaum, JacobLas CraigasCommittee 4To require that K-12 public schools provide recycling bins accessible to students for their use.
AB028Awaiting HearingRumer, RylandOsgoodCommittee 1to reduce the size of classrooms within public schools.
AB109Awaiting HearingRussom, WarsiyJaytownCommittee 2Nevada NEEDS to make an ACT that allows more colleges to be built and fund more schools  to provide better education for the students in the state of Nevada.
SB013Passed as IntroducedSanderson, BrooksHowardCommittee 2To cultivate a diverse economic pool, by encouraging new private businesses in Nevada, and reducing focus on non-profiting subjects.
SB750Passed as IntroducedSanderson, BrooksHowardCommittee 2To increase incentive for labor jobs, and promote construction.
AB054FailedSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 7Companies providing therapy to children with autism are now allowed to keep employees under 18 years of age if they are/have gotten proper training.
AB110Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 6This bill will make sure dreamers and their families get the necessary paperwork to become citizens.
AB111Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 5This act ensures that employers of autism therapy companies will not have their jobs taken away because of their age.
AB113FailedSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 7This law will require all public places to have accommodations for people with special needs.
AB114Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 7This law will require all public places to have accommodations for people with special needs.
AB879Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 5This bill ensures that false accusations of rape will become punishable.
SB081Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 3This law requires all students to graduate.
SB084Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 2A law ensuring a standard of education for schools.
SB086Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 7An act providing federal aid so that patients will not have to pay that much for medication from big pharma.
SB088Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 3This bill will provide fine arts programs with more funding.
SB090Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 1The acknowledgement of marching band as a varsity sport.
SB092Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 5A tax on churches that clearly have way more money then they need.
SB099Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 1Equal pay for men and women
SB902Awaiting HearingSantamaria-Garcia, JavierJaytownCommittee 4Keep the tree that's by the volleyball court.
SB076Awaiting HearingSchmidt, AndrewHowardCommittee 6All victims of sex trafficking are subject to trial against their trafficker with a state government provided attorney if needed. Traffickers are subject to a varying prison sentence.
AB893Awaiting HearingSchmidt, AndrewHowardCommittee 2Increase for construction and labor jobs. 
AB895Awaiting HearingSchmidt, AndrewHowardCommittee 4Installation of electric car charging stations in busy parking lots/shopping centers/parking garages to promote clean energy usage. 
SB880Awaiting HearingSchmidt, AndrewHowardCommittee 4Installation of electric car charging stations in busy parking lots/shopping centers/parking garages to promote clean energy usage. 
SB079Passed as AmendedSchmitt, Nathaniel OsgoodCommittee 6The State of Nevada will open it's prisons to house other states prisoners for a set fee.
AB159Awaiting HearingSchmitt, NathanielOsgoodCommittee 6law forbidding the citation of staff memebers for minor infractions
SB147Awaiting HearingSchmitt, NathanielOsgoodCommittee 1All hotel and restraint owners will not be allowed to enact a tip credit
AB099Passed as AmendedShaheen, MilesAndersonCommittee 4Renewable sources of energy will be implemented in Nevada over the course of the next decade.
SB164Passed as IntroducedSiu, SolomonJaytownCommittee 1The regulation of pharmacist refusal
SB163Passed as AmendedSiu, SolomonJaytownCommittee 1To reaffirm residential zoning and public housing funds in Nevada in order to promote greater affordable housing initiatives. 
SB094Passed as AmendedSiu, SolomonJaytownCommittee 3for the implementation of a longitudinal data tracking system. 
SB095Awaiting HearingSiu, SolomonJaytownCommittee 4Prohibit the practice of "social promotion" in Nevada's education systems. 
SB096Passed as AmendedSiu, SolomonJaytownCommittee 3The redirecting of funding from the class-size reduction program among public school education.  
AB131Passed as AmendedSiu, SolomonJaytownCommittee 1To ban the sale of high capacity magazines from the general public. 
AB130Awaiting HearingSiu, SolomonJaytownCommittee 6To establish a mandatory permit-to-purchase handgun licensing law and renew the ATF Form 4473 
AB129Passed as AmendedSiu, SolomonJaytownCommittee 4To establish a capital equipment loan program for biofuel and renewable energy that would create incentive programs for greater production in these sources of energy. 
SB883Awaiting HearingSiu, SolomonJaytownCommittee 3to require school reduction-in-force decisions based of performance, as well as the implementation of the Teach for America Program.
AB143FailedSmith , Holden OsgoodCommittee 4Create a nature reserve in the outskirts of Osgood. To  promote sense of nature inside the city of Osgood. 
SB077Passed as AmendedSmith, HoldenOsgoodCommittee 5To lower the sales tax from the current 6.85% to 4.8% and lowering the local sale tax limits to 1.25%
SB089Awaiting HearingSmith, HoldenOsgoodCommittee 1
SB091Passed as AmendedSmith, HoldenOsgoodCommittee 5To create a new tax on casino revenue which will be used exclusively on funding for public education.  
SB148Passed as AmendedSmith , Holden OsgoodCommittee 5To implement a statewide progressive block income tax.
AB902Awaiting HearingSmith , Holden OsgoodCommittee 5to create a state wide relief fund 
AB128Passed as IntroducedSorkhab, DrakeMartieCommittee 1Extension of the serviceable period of monetary "gift certificates" for consumers in Nevada.
AB083Failedsotolongo, lazaroHowardCommittee 7to offer yearly physical check up at no cost or at a reduced rate
SB905Awaiting HearingSparrow, JackHowardCommittee 6To make piracy legal on the high seas of Nevada
AB027Awaiting HearingSt.Mary, Joshua Las CraigasCommittee 3Teachers will not be punished for students who do not put forth an effort in their education.
AB127FailedStadler, NicholausLas CraigasCommittee 8To provide priority parking spaces for electric vehicles
AB090Awaiting HearingStepzinski, MichaelAndersonCommittee 3Change the operating hours of secondary education
AB091FailedStepzinski, MichaelAndersonCommittee 8To alter the laws of jaywalking
AB092FailedStepzinski, MichaelAndersonCommittee 8To prevent blocking driveways of private property
SB151FailedStepzinski, MichaelAndersonCommittee 8To require a dash camera in every car
AB142Passed as AmendedStepzinski, MichaelAndersonCommittee 8To ensure one way roads are clearly marked
AB141Passed as AmendedStepzinski, MichaelAndersonCommittee 8To require businesses on motorist information signs to display their distance from the nearest highway exit.
AB050Awaiting HearingSullivan, JoshJaytownCommittee 6An ACT to increase the curfew of the Las Vegas Strip and downtown Las Vegas from 9pm to 10pm of minors if accompanied by an adult.
AB051Awaiting HearingSullivan, JoshJaytownCommittee 2That bans the consumption of alcohol in public places.
AB126Awaiting HearingToranzo, JoelOsgoodCommittee 7The legalization of the recreational use of Cannabis will be reversed. 
AB012Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 6Time will be reserved during the Opening Ceremony of each annual Nevada Boys’ State, to honor all members of American Legion Posts in Nevada who are known to have departed this life during the previous 12 months.  This Bill, if adopted into law shall be know as The Roll Call of Distinction Act.  
SB056Passed as IntroducedTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 8In compliance with existing legislation in the State of Nevada, this bill is put forth to clarify the constitutional and legal right of a minor to defend against a bully attack to their person or property; or to render aid if witnessing such an attack &a
SB043FailedTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 8Revisions will be made to NRS 193.1675 which will now include the homeless population as a protected subgroup in hate crime
SB073Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 6To ease the voter registration process and increase voter turnout.
SB074Passed as IntroducedTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 7Calls for mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients to eliminate the abuse of federal funds by those who fail drug tests. 
SB067Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 4To eliminate the termination and removal status of aliens who have lived and worked in the State of Nevada. 
SB068Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 2Which will increase the safety of students, and all staff by requiring basic training in self-defense techniques as part of the Nevada State approved curriculum. 
AB075Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 2A bill to train teachers and staff to enact a consistent schoolroom emergency plan, in the event a violent, threatening or otherwise hostile attack by person or persons attempting to gain entry into a schoolroom or otherwise present on school grounds. 
AB076FailedTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 8Will require all State operated buildings to designate at least one transgender bathroom per floor of said building or make all bathrooms transgender accessible.  
AB077Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 3That will require all Nevada Schools, to employ one, armed police officer onsite. 
AB078Passed as IntroducedTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 1To ban predatory lending practices by banks and other institutions, public or private, who pursue loans to unqualified students searching to borrow money to fund their higher education. 
AB079Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 5For funding will be reallocated within the State of Nevada, so there is availability to veterans for mental health care at no out of pocket cost.  
AB081Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 5To establish a tax on the sale of all sporting equipment in the State of Nevada to better fund non-profit services for women suffering from sexual assault, battery or rape. 
AB100Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 1To ensure that all servers and wait-staff receive equal pay to at least the standard baseline minimum wage rate for all other minimum wage employees within the State of Nevada.  
AB101FailedTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 8To allow for physician-assisted suicide for those patients defined as terminally ill.
AB102FailedTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 8Is hereby written to ban the use of cellphones for any reason while driving an automobile.
AB103Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 4Written to establish an animal cruelty registration following the same standards set by sex offender registration. 
AB104Passed as AmendedTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 8To legalize and regulate prostitution in all counties of the State of Nevada as a deterrent to human trafficking within the state. This Act shall be known as the "No Trafficking in Nevada Act."
AB105Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 5To reimburse homeowners in the State of Nevada, dues collected and retained by the Associations held in surplus at the end of each year.  
AB107Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 6To lower the minimum age requirement to own a handgun from the age of 21 to the age of 18 for veterans of all branches of the military, and active service members of the branches of the military in the State of Nevada.  
AB108Awaiting HearingTracy, MichaelJaytownCommittee 5This bill is written to discourage the purchase and consumption of products that rely on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in produce and packaged goods.  
SB045FailedWagner, EricLas CraigasCommittee 8Anyone that wants to recieve a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) must be first trained to become CPR certified.
SB112Passed as AmendedWalker, AdamLas CraigasCommittee 8Provisions will be set to increase incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles.
SB113Passed as AmendedWalker, AdamLas CraigasCommittee 1Provisions will be set to increase the minimum wage.
SB114Awaiting HearingWalker, AdamLas CraigasCommittee 6Provisions will be set to guarantee voter privacy in presidential nominating elections.
AB125FailedWalker, AdamLas CraigasCommittee 8Evacuation plan for cities with limited infrastructure.
SB149FailedWalker, AdamLas CraigasCommittee 8Policies for protecting victims in unavoidable accidents involving autonomous vehicles.
SB001Passed as AmendedWallace, MatthewHowardCommittee 1This bill will give the legal rights and restrictions for robotic package delivery services in the state of Nevada that meet the required standards. This is to further the efficiency of delivery and the evolution of robotics 
AB124Awaiting HearingWeaver, JakobHowardCommittee 7To add additional sales tax to soft drink products.
SB019Awaiting HearingWelch, RobertHowardCommittee 6
AB122Awaiting HearingWood, DevinJaytownCommittee 6A Resolution to replace lethal injections with firing squads as a method of capital punishment
SB017Awaiting HearingWood, DevinJaytownCommittee 6A Resolution to create a Nevada State Police. The Nevada State Police will serve as a statewide police agency having the authority to conduct law enforcement activities and criminal investigations. The Nevada State Police will absorb the current Nevada Highway Patrol. The Nevada State Police's jurisdiction will cover the entire State of Nevada.
SB111Passed as IntroducedWood, DevinJaytownCommittee 3A Resolution to create a public university in Northeastern Nevada
AB017Awaiting HearingWoodring , Patrick MartieCommittee 4AN ACT to ensure the environment's protection through regulating old or inefficient vehicles and promoting other forms of transportation.
AB112Awaiting HearingWoodring, Patrick MartieCommittee 3Shift school hours and require open teacher hours.
AB053Awaiting HearingYi, RyuMartieCommittee 1to raise the minimum wage of Nevada.
AB123Awaiting HearingYi, RyuMartieCommittee 1An act to raise the minimum wage of Nevada.
SB139Awaiting HearingYi, RyuMartieCommittee 7to implement a "Medicaid-for-all" health insurance option.
Awaiting HearingYqTXXmOLDM, JimmiNuAndersonCommittee 48Lfkup
AB118Awaiting HearingYung, Alexander JaytownCommittee 2In all school counties across the state of Nevada, a competition of a CPR training course is required for high school graduation.
SB069Awaiting HearingYung, AlexanderJaytownCommittee 4In all school counties across the state of Nevada, a completion of one year of shop class shall be mandatory for graduation in all high schools.
AB117Awaiting HearingYung, AlexanderJaytownCommittee 2In all school counties across the state of Nevada, a yoga class will need to be completed in order to graduatehigh school.
AB116Awaiting HearingYung, AlexanderJaytownCommittee 2In all school counties across the state of Nevada, Indigenous Peoples' Day shall be celebrated with a school day off to counter-celebrate Columbus Day.
SB080Awaiting HearingZalazar, ChristopherOsgoodCommittee 4AN ACT Requiring city, county, and businesses to recycle everything possible.
AB009FailedZare, AraamOsgoodCommittee 7Regulation of Abortion 
AB904FailedZare, AraamOsgoodCommittee 8for the incentivization of the move to electric vehicles. 
AB121Awaiting HearingZiegler, EzraLas CraigasCommittee 1Implementing a mandatory US Citizenship Test for all students to graduate high school.
AB120FailedZiegler, EzraLas CraigasCommittee 1Mandatory Civics Classes in school to reestablish American values
AB119Passed as IntroducedZiegler, EzraLas CraigasCommittee 1A program to give redemption to convicted felons and allow them to live productive lives without judgment.
SB890Awaiting HearingZiegler, EzraLas CraigasCommittee 3An increase standards and quality of physical fitness and education in the school system.
AB365Passed as IntroducedZiegler, EzraLas CraigasCommittee 2To increase gun tourism.

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