Nevada Boys' State Staff Application

A team for Nevada's youth.

The Nevada Boys' State Staff Application is open to all former delegates. You must have attended Nevada Boys' State to be a staff member. Please complete the following application. All questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

General Information:

*First Name:

*Last Name:

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Polo Shirt Size:

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School Information:

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General Program Questions:

*1) If selected as a staff member will you be able to attend the entire week? (Please ensure to check the dates of the program before answering this question.)
Yes No

2) When was your delegate year:

3) If you have served on the staff before, for how many years:

Application Questions:

1) What are your plans for the next 5-years? (I.e. college, work, military, travel, etc.)

2) If you could make one improvement to the Nevada Boys' State program, what would it be?

3) What experiences, perspectives, skills, and talents would you bring to the program from your personal background? Please include any school clubs, athletics, leadership programs, etc., and positions held.

4) The Nevada Boys' State staff members work on the following teams to prepare for the program. Would you have any interest serving on one of the following committees?

Administrative Team: This team covers a variety of NBS needs -- including website design/management marketing, public relations, legion relations, etc.
Finance Team: This team manages the annual budget, as well as coordinates spending, procurement, etc.
Fundraising Team: This team coordinates the fundraising activities for the program.
Programming Team: This team designs and implements the various programming components -- executive, legislative, political parties, judiciary, committees, lobbyists, newspaper, etc.
Recruitment Team: This team is in charge of recruiting students to attend the program by working with high school counselors, the legion, and other sources during the offseason. New staff members are hirely recommended to volunteer for this team.

5) Tell us something funny about yourself.

6) BONUS: Do you have any web-page building skills or any video recording/edit skills? If so, please explain experience. If not, no worries. Nor do any of us.